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Why GuardWatch

GuardWatch is a Location based App that allows its users trigger SOS when in distress to several selected Emergency Contacts. In light of increasingly complex security challenges, it has never been more important for individuals and entities to be able to verify that they have taken adequate security measures to secure their lives and property. We help to provide an environment where social security is encouraged (be your neighbors keeper).


APP Description

Alert your Friends and Loved ones when in distress, let them know you are safe or if they need to get help.

Click on SOS and alert your loved ones of any incident at your current location. Alerting your emergency contacts starts a group chat with your live location; allowing them to enquire and track you.

Register your security Guard and tag tag him to your property, GuardWatch uses a rating system to assess the guard’s performance from previous employers

Alert neighbors and friends when an incident occurs at you residence, tagged homes within 200 meters of any distress call will be alerted to that incident

Privacy & Security Features

Guard watch removes obstacles, securing your home and letting you get back to the things you love most.

Tag Security Guard to home

Instantly see who or what your security is to on Guardwatch's network monitoring graph.

SOS Trigger

Share location when in an emergency with selected contacts, alert tagged homes around you when in distress.

Access from anywhere

Use anywhere, Guardwatch runs on the cloud, just download and stay safe.

SOS History

Never lose SOS history triggered by loved ones, Guardwatch records every SOS triggered.



Guard watch removes obstacles, securing your home and letting you get back to the things you love most..

Home Screen

View your current position on the goApp requires Location services on, a prompt will be shown after installing the app


  1. App bound to only 1 device
  2. Text verification also required before app can be activated

Chat with emergency contacts where the situation permits

Verification PIN set to disable emergency mode when SOS activated

Profile view can upgrade after trial period

Menu layout for Standard Version

Code can be shared over several mediums: text, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc


Add your emergency contacts (maximum of 5)

I’m here:

Sends coordinates of current location to a selected contact in your emergency list, option available to share location coordinates with friends

Emergency mode

  1. View SOS history
  2. Share SOS History with law enforcement
  3. History Visible to all emergency contacts

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Guard watch removes obstacles, securing your home and letting you get back to the things you love most.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can my emergency contact view my location?

Only when an SOS is initiated

How much data does GuardWatch consume?

GuardWatch only uses location services when an SOS is triggered, data consumption is minimal

How many emergency contacts can I register?

Only 5 emergency contacts can be added per registration

Can I install guardWatch on multiple devices?

Yes provided you register with different accounts.

Can I tag multiple houses

No, the premium version allows for a single house to be tagged, for multiple locations tagging please contact us at info@guardwatch.net

How do I change my contacts?

On the contact screen remove any contact by deleting that contact, then send an invitation code to the new contact

Do I have to be a chosen contact for my Emergency contact?

No you dont, you can decide to be someones emergency contact and choose not to be theirs